Alcoholic vs. Non-Alcoholic Spirits: Understanding Alcohol and its Sober Counterparts!

Alcoholic vs. Non-Alcoholic Spirits: Understanding Alcohol and its Sober Counterparts!

Non-alcoholic spirits are lately becoming your friends' preferences and you are sitting in front of them wondering if you should give it a thought too. You're trying to conclude if it is actually for you or if you are good with your old choices. The beverage industry has introduced enticing alcohol-free creations that offer all the fun and flavour of their alcoholic counterparts, making the crowd trust that ‘You’re missing nothing’ while swiftly helping them escape the struggles of a hangover.

So what is the difference between Alcoholic Spirits and Non-Alcoholic ones? Is it just an alternative or much more?  If you need to choices then it is better to know your choices before.

For years, alcohol has been a part of the socializing culture. For many people, it's a fun way to unwind with friends. But as people's awareness of health and wellbeing has grown, so has the demand for non-alcoholic spirits as a healthier substitute. 

Let’s dive deeper into alcoholic and non-alcoholic spirits and the factors that are driving more individuals to choose the latter as a means of enjoying the flavour and experience of drinking without having to worry about health, skin, weight gain, and other reasons.

Difference Between Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Spirits!

The first and most noticeable distinction between the two kinds of drinks is how much alcohol they contain. Alcoholic drinks are usually made with the addition of distilled alcohol, whereas non-alcoholic drinks are prepared using components devoid of alcohol. While alcohol-free beer has almost no alcohol at all, alcoholic beers usually have between 1.15 and 15 % ABV (Alcohol by Volume). Non-alcoholic drinks are often regarded as being safer and healthier choices. 

Since non-alcoholic drinks and alcohol-free lifestyles are becoming quite popular lately, people are seeing extensive options in their taste and ingredients. Some of which are even been made considering special health benefits for consumers. Alcohol-free spirits can be directly substituted for their alcoholic counterparts. To recreate the soul of alcoholic spirits in an alcohol-free version, water is slowly infused with the aroma of natural botanicals, flavourings, and essences.

Non-alcoholic beverage brands prioritise specialised ingredients and innovation as the foundation of their crafting process. This approach allows them to offer unique and unforgettable experiences for their customers. For example, Catwalk’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits are intricately crafted Gin and Vodka alternatives using plant-based ingredients that comfort your mind, body, and soul. 


While some people do say that Alcoholic drinks taste better, it is simply not true. Taste is something which depends upon the ingredients and the process of crafting the drink. Those who say that Non-Alcoholic beer, gin, and vodka don’t taste better simply haven’t found the right brand yet. There are a range of options to explore. 

The presence of alcohol can contribute to the perceived taste and mouthfeel of the drink. Non-alcoholic beverages are processed emulating the tastes of their alcoholic counterparts without using alcohol. To achieve this, ingredients must be carefully chosen and blended to replicate the flavor characteristic of the original beverage.

Catwalk Drinks utilizes plant-based ingredients in its drinks to offer a pleasing and refreshing experience to its consumers. It offers a wide range of ready-to-drink mocktails to satisfy your every mood and become the perfect alcohol alternative for different occasions and celebrations in your life.

From Classic Peach and Orange Blossom Zero Alcohol Swedish Vodka to traditional and lively flavors of Old Delhi in Delhi 6 Botanic, choose the flavor your heart says Yes to!


While alcoholic drinks are mostly needed at evening parties, get-togethers, and celebrations, non-alcoholic drinks can be relished at any time, anywhere. Be it unwinding on weekday afternoons with a little breaking amidst your working hours or on party weekends, non-alcoholic drinks help rejuvenate on any and every occasion without limits. 

Non-alcoholic drinks offer a refreshing alternative for those who prefer to abstain from alcohol or simply want to hydrate without the effects of alcohol. From energizing morning smoothies and revitalizing fruit-infused waters to comforting herbal teas and creative mocktails, the options are endless. Whether it's a cosy night in, a productive workday, or a lively brunch with friends, non-alcoholic beverages provide a delightful way to savor the moment without the need for alcohol.

Health and Calories

Non-Alcoholic drinks have relatively fewer calories than Alcoholic drinks. This is because of the reduction of alcohol and sugar content in it. Again, this is subjective and based on the drinks you choose for yourself. According to BBC Good Food, a pint of beer contains 180 calories, 175 ml of wine contains 160 calories, and 205 ml of Vodka contains 190 calories.

The calorie content of Non-Alcoholic drinks is subjective and depends on the brands. Many non-alcoholic brands promote a healthy lifestyle, which is why the content it is produced with is usually calorie-conscious. 

Catwalk’s Non-Alcoholic Gin and Non-Alcoholic Vodka has zero alcohol, zero added sugar, low calorie, no artificial flavors, no caffeine, is non-GMO, Vegan, and Gluten free. A perfect blend for your guilt-free unwinding experience. 


We are all familiar with the aftermath of excessive alcohol consumption: the dreaded hangover. Symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, high blood pressure, anxiety, and cognitive difficulties often accompany this condition.

Catwalk's Non-Alcoholic Spirits are crafted with precision and passion, infused with plant-based ingredients and adaptogens for stress relief. They elevate your drinking experience to new heights of tranquillity and rejuvenation, allowing you to celebrate without compromise. Savour the essence of relaxation, embrace the serenity of the moment and revel in the knowledge that with Catwalk, every indulgence is a guilt-free celebration of self-care and sensory delight. Welcome to a world where pleasure knows no bounds, and the only after-effect is a lingering sense of bliss.

In Conclusion, it’s always a choice to pick the alcoholic or non-alcoholic way of life. Lately, with the rising popularity of non-alcoholic drinks and increasing awareness of health and wellness culture, more and more individuals are embracing Alcohol-free lifestyles. Life sure is fun with a hangover, but it can be a lot more fun without it!

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