Frequently ASked Questions

What is a non-alcoholic spirit?

A non-alcoholic spirit is a drink made using water as its base with added flavours, resulting in tasty flavoured equivalents of classic vodka or gin. Our drinks are flavoured with handpicked botanical flavours creating distinct blends that pay homage to the classics they are inspired by.

Do I need to keep Catwalk in the fridge?

Once opened your Catwalk does not need to be refrigerated, although it is advisable to store it away from bright sunlight.

Can Catwalk cause intoxication or a hangover?

No, Catwalk will not cause any intoxication nor any subsequent hangover. Catwalk has natural ingredients and added adaptogens which will only have nutritional benefits and help reduce stress respectively.

What does Catwalk taste like?

A burst of exotic botanical flavours in every sip with a subtle aftertaste of the classics, all flavours have a unique taste.

Westminster Botanic G!n

 Firm English herbal flavours marked with juniper berry and pink grapefruit. Earthy notes fill the top-palate while lemongrass, hibiscus and basil mixed with ashwagandha and monk fruit add to the plush experience and deliver a generous modern finish.

Delhi 6 Botanic G!n

Authentic Indian herbal flavours marked with juniper berry extract and cinnamon. Woody notes fill the top-palate while cardamom, rose water extract, ashwagandha and monk fruit add to the lovely flavour. The added fennel with a hint of saffron delivers a generous aromatic finish.

Stockholm Infusion V*dka

Natural peach complements the orange extract giving every sip a sweet and fragrant botanical taste. Fruity notes fill the top-palate while apple cider and ginger extract mixed with ashwagandha and monk fruit makes it taste like the classic it is inspired by.

Barbados Infusion V*dka

Juicy natural pink grapefruit meets delicate rose water extract. Zesty and floral notes fill the top top-palate while apple cider and ginger extract mixed with ashwagandha and monk fruit delivers a true-to-self finish with a refreshing aftertaste.

How is Catwalk made?

With water as its base, all natural flavours, added adaptogens and no added sugar- Catwalk is made with utmost care and a lot of love.

How do I serve Catwalk

As we say, with Catwalk you choose - make a non-alcoholic version of the classic gin and tonic by mixing 30/60 ml of Catwalk with your choice of tonic water, or use it as a mixer, replace some of the alcohol in your regular gin and tonic with Catwalk, to make a low alcohol cocktail with an enhanced botanical taste.

How do I buy Catwalk?

You can buy it here on our website or on Amazon. All orders will be shipped to you within 2-3 business days.

How does Catwalk have such low calories?

Well, it’s because we don’t add any sugar in the concentrates, we use the most premium quality monk fruit to sweeten the taste making them the perfect choice for health conscious, weight watchers and diabetic people.

 Please keep in mind that our ready-to-drink cans have tonic water mixed in them, which has some sugar. However, we have tried to keep each can at a maximum 50-60 calories per serving (250 ml).

Is Catwalk suitable for diabetic people?

Yes, Catwalk is the perfect choice for diabetic people as it has no added sugar and only monk fruit used as sweetener. We suggest they use sparkling water instead of tonic water to avoid the added sugar in tonic water.

Is Catwalk safe for pregnant women?

Catwalk is zero alcohol and made with natural flavours making it the ideal choice and/or alternative to alcoholic beverages. We are mindful that some ingredients may not be suitable with each different phase of your life, so it's best to consult your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications.

Does Catwalk contain alcohol?

No, all Catwalk beverages are water based, 0.0% Vol and totally alcohol-free.

Why does my Catwalk have small particles in the drink?

All our beverages contain plant based natural ingredients, you may see some small particles celebrating nature in your drinks. Be proud of your choice.

Why is Catwalk not completely transparent like alcoholic gins and vodkas?

Simply put, catwalk has a slight tint of white (g!n) or golden(v*dka) because it has natural plant based ingredients and mostly because we are not distilling the beverage, we want every flavour to reach your taste buds in their natural strength.