Alcohol Free Lifestyle & Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

Alcohol Free Lifestyle & Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

Because Life Can Take You Higher Than Alcohol


You must have heard that bumpy roads often lead to beautiful destinations. It is the same with deciding to cut down or give up alcohol. It might not fit right

with your social life in the beginning but by the end of it, everything falls into place and you’ll have your own ‘feel-good’ story to share.

As you are already aware, on social media or in real life, Denizens today are embracing a strong culture of self-awareness and self-care, at the heart of which

lies an alcohol-free lifestyle. Life has never been so fulfilling.



Research conducted in an Urban Primary Healthcare Center has shown that 59% of the patients were willing to quit alcohol.

This is because people have started accepting the effects of alcohol on the body and are becoming more aware of the benefits of quitting alcohol. 



While the journey isn’t easy, those who have been through it will admit that it is worth it. You will need to give yourself time, be patient with yourself, and have


You will be surprised by your self-control and diligence but most importantly you’ll be proud of the person you meet on the other side of this journey.

The better and happier version of you. 



What Exactly is an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle?

First thing first, Mondays are calmer, and days after that are calmer because post-drinking anxiety doesn’t follow you around after an epic weekend party.

You will see post-drinking symptoms reduce or vanish from your life once you limit your alcohol intake.

These symptoms include headaches, nausea, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, heartburn, indigestion, and many more extreme effects.



Your blood pressure and blood sugar levels also reduce gradually. Your mood gets better.

Your focus improves, helping you move upward in your life and work.

Your life simply gets better and brighter.

People start asking you why your skin is glowing, and how you have lost those extra pounds.

It happens, cutting down your alcohol intake helps your skin get noticeably better.

Alcohol is known to produce excessive oil in your skin and accelerate aging. It also makes your skin sensitive and limits its healing abilities.



Drinking alcohol increases the possibility of oxidative damage. This oxidative damage can impair the skin's natural detoxifying mechanisms and increase the

likelihood of a build-up of toxins.

Toxins may therefore remain in the body for an extended time, which may have an impact on the condition and look of the skin.

Many heavy drinkers have witnessed their skin significantly improve after limiting Alcohol.

This is because your skin looks more radiant and moisturized if you cut alcohol from your routine and allow your body to retain more moisture. 



Cutting down Alcohol has also proved to be a vital exercise in losing weight and belly fat. It reduces your calorie intake significantly.

When heavy drinkers reduce alcohol intake, they experience improved body composition, decreased visceral fat, and elevated triglycerides, a blood fat particle. 



Your blood pressure will quickly improve if you stop drinking or cut down altogether.

Your heart health gets a lot better. A healthy you means a happy you.



Not just your health, quitting alcohol also brings positivity to your life and relationships. You are more present at the moment, spend more time with your

friends and family, and focus more on your work and relationship.

It may result in fewer conflicts. Quitting alcohol will ease your depression and anxiety, you will be able to deal with life better. 



People who have stopped drinking alcohol have also admitted that their sleep cycle has got noticeably better.

This also helps you to focus more on self- improvement directly elevating your performance in work.

People agree that they feel more positive, peaceful and motivated in work and life. 



Not just that, people tend to get more creative and become full of life. Quitting alcohol will often give you the need to fill your life with something better.

That’s when they resort to their hobbies, and fitness or focus on learning new things, bringing new and exciting experiences into their life that make them a lot more fulfilling.



How to Quit Alcohol?

  • One day at a time

You cannot pull it away instantly, you might make it worse. Take it one day at a time. Addictions take time to leave.

They die slowly. Little by little reduce alcohol consumption and reward yourself with something equivalent or better like Catwalk's range of luxurious non-alcohol drinks to celebrate the little and big wins in life. 


You can also relax and rejuvenate yourself with activities and hobbies that you enjoy.

Exercising and a good walk in nature helps as well. Remember don’t be too hard on yourself. 



  • Set Limits

One of the tricks to reduce alcohol intake is by setting your limit. Begin by establishing realistic goals for cutting back on your alcohol consumption.

Attempt to cut back on your consumption gradually as opposed to trying to stop abruptly.


Monitor your alcohol intake. Start tracking your daily alcohol intake, utilise monitoring software or keep a journal.

You can use this to become more conscious of your routines and spot patterns that you can try to break.



  • Understanding and Awareness of the Root Cause

Observe the factors, situations, thoughts or feelings that usually make you want to drink.

Finding healthier coping mechanisms can be facilitated by being aware of your triggers, whether it is boredom, stress, negative thoughts, or peer pressure.



  • Seek Support

Never hesitate to ask for advice and help from friends, family, or a support group.

Having a confidante might significantly impact your efforts to cut back on alcohol use. 



  • Healthy alternatives

The best way to let go of something is to find an equally exciting alternative. It’s difficult to avoid triggers when you are supposed to be surrounded by similar

events and environments. We cannot change their environment but we can change our ways.



When you find yourself in such a situation i.e. house parties, celebrations, dinner dates, or having a good time with friends, it is difficult not to be accompanied

by drinks. 



You can choose healthy alternatives such as Catwalk’s wide range of luxury non-alcoholic spirits.

Heavenly crafted by experts, catwalk provides non-alcohol vodka and gin ranges for your every mood.

These flavours are elevated with botanical ingredients known to bring comfort to your mind and body and de-stress you to a state of euphoria.

You can choose your favourite flavour here at Catwalk Botanics.



It's always worthwhile to raise a toast to your health and happiness, whether it means consuming alcohol in moderation or going alcohol-free.

Thus, let's commit to living a lifestyle that nourishes your body, mind, and soul.

Sometimes all you need is a different way or different drink to make your life extraordinarily better. 

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