We reiterate

A ‘better for you’ lifestyle company, Catwalk Botanics began its journey in our founder- Ishan’s living room, in conversation with our other founder- Aamir, they envisioned a delicious yet functional beverage that can replace the boring sugary and caffeinated beverages served to non-drinkers as alcohol alternatives at parties or at the bars.

Cut to almost two years (of meticulous R&D), Catwalk’s non alcoholic spirits are ready to ship to all you wonderful people. We start with four carefully crafted gin and vodka alternatives designed using plant based ingredients that comfort mind and body, with added adaptogens to help you manage stress, and carefully selected botanics for a rich flavourful taste in every sip.

A Little ABOUT catwalk

With Catwalk you choose - make a non-alcoholic version of the classic gin/vodka and tonic by mixing 30/60 ml of Catwalk with your choice of tonic water (one part Catwalk, three parts premium tonic), OR use it as a mixer, replace some of the alcohol in your regular gin and tonic with Catwalk, to make a low alcohol drink with an enhanced botanical finish.

Catwalk is not just an alternative for those who don't drink, it's also a great choice for drinkers who like to catch a break sometimes and indulge in a little self-care and self-love, if you may.

These premium plant based spirits are deliciously refreshing and hangover-proof, making them your ideal choice for drinking in the afternoon, on a weekday evening or a not so lazy weekend